First European futures on ESG Benchmark Index

Eurex has launched three new futures covering STOXX® Europe 600 ESG Exclusions, EURO STOXX 50® Low Carbon and STOXX® Europe Climate Impact.

Euro clearing post-Brexit

Eurex Clearing's Chief Strategy Officer addresses questions relating to changes to procedures, possible costs and opportunities through change.

Welcome to new opportunities!

Eurex has successfully extended its trading hours in the Asian time zones.

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Eurex Clearing has expanded its Partnership Program to Repo and Foreign Exchange


Eurex Exchange


ProductDiff. to prev. day lastLast priceContractsTime
FGBL -0.08% 164.98 32,085 08:52:18
FGBM -0.02% 132.78 16,961 08:52:18
FGBS -0.00% 111.905 8,048 08:52:17
FBTP -0.16% 129.75 2,215 08:52:10
FOAT -0.12% 161.77 5,269 08:52:17
FBON +0.04% 150.97 40 08:12:34

15 min. delayed - Apr 23, 2019 8:52:18 AM

ProductDiff. to prev. day lastLast priceContractsTime
FESX -0.12% 3,431.00 18,001 08:52:14
FDAX -0.13% 12,260.00 4,671 08:52:16
FDXM -0.11% 12,261.00 1,046 08:52:14
FSMI -0.27% 9,499.00 386 08:52:07
FESB +0.10% 100.50 979 08:52:09
FVS -1.06% 14.05 206 08:31:24

15 min. delayed - Apr 23, 2019 8:52:16 AM

ProductDiff. to prev. day lastLast priceContractsTime
FMWO -0.02% 6,282.00 27 08:35:41
FMWN +0.71% 284.70 925 19:49:43
FMEU +0.25% 225.05 1,147 18:30:15
FMEM -0.74% 507.10 3 02:16:18
FMEA -0.93% 566.80 5 05:24:15
FMRS +0.03% 698.20 0 18:30:13

15 min. delayed - Apr 23, 2019 8:35:41 AM

ProductDiff. to prev. day lastLast priceContractsTime
RSPU -0.31% 1.30077 0 18:53:44
RSEU -0.55% 1.12418 41 18:53:44
RSEP -0.21% 0.86441 0 18:53:44
RSAU -0.40% 0.71514 3 18:53:44
FCEU -0.52% 1.12950 37 18:30:00
FCPU -0.24% 1.30260 0 18:30:00

Real-time - Apr 18, 2019 6:53:44 PM

Derivatives Forum 2019 in Frankfurt

Eurex CEO Thomas Book at the Derivatives Forum in Frankfurt

More than 150 experts from the derivatives community gathered in a beautiful location in Frankfurt’s “new” Old Town to join the Derivatives Forum 2019. The overall themes of the event hosted by Eurex were the changes in the financial industries with a special look on sustainability and new market structures.

Number of the month

million traded contracts in our MSCI segment (in Q1 2019)

New Subscription Procedure for Circulars & Readiness Newsflashes

Did you know you can receive tailored and up-to-date information with only a few clicks? Eurex Clearing has fully revised the subscription process for circulars and readiness newsflashes in order to improve usability for customers. Please register for the topics of your interest on our subscription page to always have the latest news.

Trade, Tensions and European Volatility

This article examines European volatility, as measured by the VSTOXX® volatility index since early 2018 in relation to the recent global escalation of trade tensions. Find out about how a new stream of market and economic uncertainty have been introduced.

Erik Müller aims at 50 to 100 additional buy side clients

Erik Müller, CEO of Eurex Clearing AG

In an interview with Börsen-Zeitung, Erik Müller, CEO Eurex Clearing, talks about the possibility of achieving the targeted market share of 25 percent until 2020 in the clearing of EUR-denominated interest rate derivatives.

Support for Eurex’s FX segment

ABN AMRO Clearing has started clearing our FX futures. And Flow Traders joined the panel of liquidity providers.

Prisma Margin Estimator in Cloud (Cloud PME)

Get increased Prisma margin transparency with no entry barriers and free-of-charge. You can try our GUI and API now.  All it takes is a click.

Video: New market structures for more transparent markets

The Eurex market structure roadmap is strengthening the order book and establishes new liquidity pools for those orders where liquidity is missing yet.

Video: Sustainability pays off

Eurex is the first exchange to offer sustainable ESG futures. Zubin Ramdarshan, Head of Equity & Index Product Design, Eurex, shares the reasons for launching the first three ESG benchmark index futures with focus on exclusion, low carbon & climate impact.


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