Variance Futures

The latest addition to our growing volatility suite is the Variance Future (EVAR), our on-exchange complement to OTC variance swaps.

These innovative contracts replicate the payoff profile of OTC variance swaps. They are designed to fit the needs of a growing number of sophisticated investors who seek exposure to volatility and are simultaneously looking to benefit from exchange trading and central clearing efficiencies.

Key Benefits

  • Exposure to the difference between implied versus realized volatility
  • Create fungibility with futurization
  • Allow users to expand their equity portfolio hedging strategies
  • Give firms greater price transparency through a centralized order book
  • Mitigate risk with Eurex Clearing as the central counterparty
  • Expanded functionality and minimal latency on our leading T7 trading architecture

Contract Specifications


  • The EURO STOXX 50® index close is required for the correct conversion from volatility to a futures price. For the required futures price update, the cancel/ reboot process was developed
  • Intraday, Eurex Exchange converts order book trades from vega to futures at a preliminary futures price
  • At end of day, Eurex Clearing automatically cancels preliminary trades and replaces them with trades based on the original vega notional and volatility strikes, but with a futures price that considers the EURO STOXX 50® close in its realized variance.
  • Block trades and other transactions are entered at their final futures price. In order to prevent clearing of preliminary trades, the clearing functionalities are available from 18:30 CET. At this point, the cancel/rebook process is finished and clients have their positions at the final futures prices.

Variance Futures Highlights

Variance Futures: volatility trading in its purest form

Sascha Semroch on how Variance Futures open up volatility trading in its purest form to a large variety of investors.


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