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The FTSE 100 product suite at Eurex includes FTSE 100 Index Total Return Futures, FTSE 100 Index Futures and Options and FTSE 100 Index Declared Dividend Futures.

With the FTSE 100 Total Return Futures Eurex is leveraging its expertise in Total Return Futures and expanded in the second largest Total Return Futures market. This results in calendar spread trading opportunities on the repo term structure as well as in capacity to hedge FTSE 100 structured products risk.

Eurex offers a complete ecosystem of FTSE 100 derivatives enabling participants to hedge their exposures.

Key benefits

  • Total Return Futures Expertise
    Expertise in Total Return Futures. Eurex is the leading TRF exchange. FTSE 100 repo term structure is now transparently traded at Eurex mobbing away from OTC markets.

  • Portfolio margining
    Derivatives part of the same Listed Equity and Index Derivatives Liquidation Group enabling members to benefit from portfolio margining and margin offsets.

  • FTSE Ecosystem
    Complete FTSE 100 ecosystem available at Eurex Risk mitigation (including FTSE 100 Index Futures)

  • Liquid benchmark
    FTSE 100 Index is the second most liquid instrument in Europe after the EURO STOXX 50 Index. Trade Futures and Options on FTSE 100 Index and the highly capitalized blue-chip companies at Eurex.

  • Hedge structured product risk
    FTSE 100 index product suite at Eurex enables participants to hedge all types of exposure: underlying delta / forward exposure, expected dividend and volatility sensitivity and implied repo term structure.

  • Capital efficiency
    Benefits from the exchange traded benefits of trading available at Eurex such as clearing and risk management functionalities help to reduce counterparty risks and increase margin efficiencies.

  • Standardized contract specifications
    For Straightforward integration into existing trading infrastructures and harmonized market structure across products (TES, EnLight and Matching Models).

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