A listed solution for implied equity repo trading
Index Total Return Futures

Index Total Return Futures

The Index Total Return Future (TRF) is an exchange-listed solution for implicit equity repo trading on the EURO STOXX 50® index and FTSE 100 index as well as different iSTOXX® Europe and MSCI indexes. The index futures complement the TRF product suite on Eurex. With this listed solution for implied equity repo trading, the equity index derivatives portfolio continues to grow. This illustrates our leading expertise in this segment.

Innovative and cost-efficient product

TRFs aim to replicate the returns of traditional bilaterally negotiated equity or equity index-based swaps. Therefore, EURO STOXX®, iSTOXX® Europe, MSCI and FTSE 100 index-linked TRFs trading help to move the market from OTC to listed derivatives. 

Traded Contracts and Open Interest in Millions (EUR)

TRF Traded Contracts in Thousands (EUR)



Key Benefits

  • Reduce balance sheet costs
    TRFs aim to cost-effectively replicate the payoff profile of OTC Total Return Swaps, creating a positive effect on capital requirements.
  • Portfolio margining
    Trade TRFs with other Equity and Equity Index ETDs within PRISMA, e.g., EURO STOXX® for high netting effects up to 80%.
  • Increased transparency
    Based on a standardized set of contract specifications (standardized maturities), on screen liquidity providers, and having daily published settlement prices.
  • Risk mitigation
    Provides the widest toolkit to support the structured products, allowing the hedging of delta, dividend, and repo exposure on the two biggest underlying benchmarks in Europe.
  • Market access
    Total Return Futures are accessible for U.S. direct market access thanks to the CFTC approval.


Why you should trade TRFs from a buy-side perspective:

  • Manage dividend risk
    Market participants trade TRFs as a substitute for the regular price index future due to the unique levels of volatility and dividend uncertainty. Given the total return nature of TRFs, price sensitivity to dividends is lower compared to price-return futures.
  • Calendar spread trading on the repo term structure
    In a TRF spread, the delta position on the index cancels out, as well as the overnight funding payments. The investor's cash flow depends on the short and long-term repo levels and the spot level. The repo exposure changes linearly with the spot. This is a typical strategy used by hedge funds or absolute return funds to trade on the calendar spread of two repos with different tenors.
  • Delta One beta replacement
    TRFs offer further benefits for institutional investors as a beta replacement with the short-term TRFs (1Y).
  • Downside portfolio protection
    Typically, insurance companies often buy downside protection for their portfolio against a potential market downturn, i.e. long-term "out-of-the-money" puts. They may wish to hedge their repo risk by buying the long-term implicit repos through a TRF vehicle. One of the main advantages of a futures product over an OTC swap is that it increases the number of available participants.
  • Cleared volume YTM


Product Diff. to prev. day last Last price Contracts Time
TESX -0.40% 5,662.63 0 18:29:16
TESB +0.59% 161.94 0 18:29:16
TEDV +0.89% 1,959.58 0 18:29:16
TC1L -0.29% 277.49 0 18:41:17
TCBX -0.24% 299.90 0 18:41:17
TTUK +0.16% 8,461.00 0 18:29:16
TMEM -0.95% 572.59 0 18:41:10
TMFA -0.83% 8,297.12 0 18:41:10
TMWO -0.85% 11,096.87 0 18:41:10

Market Makers

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Ryan Woolwright (only STOXX)
Rupert Harbig

+44 20 3134 8632
+44 20 7773 6784

BNP Paribas Arbitrage


Syliman Abdel-Maksoud
Bastien Donnadieu
Yanis Escudero
Ed Kalaher (only MSCI)

+33 1 43 16 89 15
+33 1 57 43 09 10
+33 1 40 14 98 52
+44 20 7595 8718

Goldman Sachs


Nicole Gilbert
Paulo Costa

+44 20 7552 2692
+44 20 7774 2672

JP Morgan


Tomasz Bigo 

Gabriel Messika

+33 1 87 03 25 02
+33 1 87 03 26 33

Société Générale


Philippe Perrier (only STOXX)
Mhand Bouchefra
Guillaume Staedel (only FTSE)

+33 1 42 13 67 20
+34 915 89 50 30
+34 915 89 50 62



Jesse Correia
Brendan Fox
Hans Hakkenberg

+31 20 708 7722
+31 20 708 7682
+31 20 708 7665



Laurent Brel
Thomas Laurent

+39 02 8862 0873
+39 02 8862 0685

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