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Fixed income futures

Most liquid contracts worldwide

We list some of the world's most heavily traded fixed income derivatives allowing you to manage your interest rate risk and diversify your portfolio. These instruments serve as a standard reference when comparing and evaluating interest rates in Europe.

Benchmark products since 1998 and more to come

Our German government bond-based Euro-Bund, Euro-Bobl, Euro-Schatz, Euro-Buxl® and Swiss CONF derivatives were launched in our early years. Since then, we have added products on Italian, French, and Spanish government bonds. Eurex will continue to strengthen this backbone of the financial industry. 

All fixed income futures: traded contracts (ADV) and open interest in millions

Key benefits

  • Access to Germany 
    Gain exposure to the most crucial European government bond market.
  • Access to France, Italy and Spain
    Gain direct exposure to important European government bond markets. 
  • Spread trading
    A liquid alternative to cash bonds for trading the respective yield spread against European debt, i.e., Germany, Italy.
  • Eurozone rates hedging
    Eurex’s Euro-Bund Futures, Euro-BTP, the Euro-BONO and the Euro-OAT Futures are a set of precise hedging tools for interest rates in the Eurozone.



Product Diff. to prev. day last Last price Contracts Time
FGBL -0.21% 132.02 518,148 20:54:04
FGBM -0.12% 116.56 379,987 20:53:40
FGBS -0.04% 105.730 283,485 20:52:37
FGBX -0.62% 130.76 66,723 20:53:57
FBTP -0.36% 117.83 159,220 18:59:57
FBTS -0.08% 105.58 78,914 18:59:55
FOAT -0.27% 124.72 139,031 20:50:36
FOAM -0.22% 115.23 0 17:21:45
FBON -0.30% 123.54 91 18:59:56

Enhanced cross margining

Benefit from high margin efficiencies and take advantage of our deep Euro liquidity pools for listed fixed income and OTC interest rate derivatives.


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FIC ETD Product Design

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