Eurex FX Unparalleled efficiencies across listed and OTC FX

Trade and clear FX with us

Eurex offers a complementary range of currency trading and clearing services covering exchange-traded FX derivatives and OTC currency clearing services. 

Trade FX Futures, Options on FX Futures and Rolling Spot Futures on the EU’s most cost-effective and liquid exchange. 

Eurex Clearing offers a broad range of currency clearing services, providing participants access to the cleared FX market in the most economical and secure manner.

Exploit the joint capabilities of Eurex, Eurex Clearing and 360T and choose the right FX liquidity pool, execution style and risk exposure for each trade.

FX Derivatives

Trade FX on the EU’s most cost-effective and liquid exchange
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EurexOTC Currency Clearing

Future-proof currency clearing
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Eurex FX Update

Product launches, updates from the trading and clearing side, recommended reads.
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Jens Quiram
Global Head of FX
+49 6921112619

Archana Varshney
Head of FX OTC Sales & Business Development
+44 2078627269

Maximilian Dannheimer
Head of FX ETD Sales
+49 6921112155
Joshua Hurley

Head of FX ETD Business Development
+44 2078627268