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Eurex offers a wide range of sector index futures and options. It spans from defensive sectors such as Health Care, Utilities, Consumer Staples to cyclical sectors such as Automobile, Construction, and Semiconductor.

The EURO STOXX® Banks and STOXX® Europe 600 Banks derivatives are the most liquid sector derivatives at Eurex, providing market participants with access to European banks such as BNP Paribas, Banco Santander, ING, HSBC, Unicredit, and more.

The STOXX® Semiconductor 30 Index Futures is a non-narrow-based product tracking the top 30 semiconductor companies and renowned chip manufacturers from the US and Taiwan, such as NVIDIA, AMD, TSMC, and UMC. The USD-denominated product provides investors with pair trading opportunities in all time zones.

From Silicon to Futures: Diving into Eurex’s STOXX Semiconductor 30

The paper explains the correlation analysis of STOXX Semiconductor 30 Futures with the existing semiconductor futures and the strategic advantageous of trading this product.

Seamless access to Semiconductor Sector

With the recent launch of the STOXX® Semiconductor 30 Index Futures, market participants can now access the renowned chip manufacturers from the U.S. and Taiwan, such as NVIDIA, AMD, TSMC, and UMC, across different time zones.

Sector index derivatives at a glance

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EURO STOXX Banks Futures (FESB)

Top STOXX Europe 600 Sector Futures: Monthly traded contracts

Key benefits

  • Market access
    The following products are accessible for U.S. direct market access thanks to the CFTC approval.
  • Capital efficiencies
    Portfolio margining with other equity and index futures and options reduces margin requirements and collateral deposits.
  • Liquidity
    Globally acting equity index participants provide access to deep-order book liquidity. Furthermore, the execution of smaller trades is possible.
  • Transparency
    On-exchange trading offers immediate liquidity, price information, anonymous trading as well as a level playing field.
  • Daily settlement prices
    Dedicated liquidity providers provide bid and offer prices. Daily independent settlement prices help buy-side clients evaluate their performance.

Contract specifications

Prices/Quotes (Futures)

Product Diff. to prev. day last Last price Contracts Time
FESB +0.03% 144.90 148,165 19:33:41
FSTB -0.17% 201.45 6,171 18:46:03
FSTE -0.71% 362.70 3,064 19:21:47
FSTL -1.43% 131.40 3,638 18:46:03
FSTS -2.10% 549.20 5,587 19:24:15
FSSE -0.82% 5,171.00 0 18:46:03


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