Growing together

The FTSE 100 derivatives segment is a market-led initiative that benefits clients and the broader marketplace through greater choice and competition, improved price transparency and reduced concentration risk. 

As an EU-based venue for trading and clearing, our trading platform ensures deep liquidity in the order book and aims for the lowest execution costs. At the same time, Eurex Clearing provides unparalleled portfolio margin efficiencies in the equity and index space. Eurex has always stood at the forefront of exchange innovation. Join us on this journey and reap the benefits! 

The Eurex FTSE 100 derivatives long-term partnership program 

The Eurex FTSE 100 long-term partnership program further accelerates our FTSE 100 derivatives segment. The performance-based program creates a balanced ecosystem where responsibilities and benefits are fully aligned between all participants. 

The most active program participants will significantly benefit from the growing FTSE 100 derivatives segment listed at Eurex through a real partnership, including rewards for early adaptors.  

Participation is open to all Eurex Members who have registered for the program. Reach out to us to get more information on registration!

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The program’s key elements 



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