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Release December 2023

With this Member Section Release the following changes and enhancements will be introduced to provide higher protection for personal data in the Member Section:

  • Registration of the Trading Location via Member Section
  • Discontinuation of Qualified Back Office exams
  • Trader confirmation/declaration of Personal Reliability

Production start: 11 December 2023 

Release Items/ Participants Requirements



Action Item

Registration of the Trading Location via Member Section

The paper-based process of registration and termination of Trading Locations receive a digital makeover. With the new process through the Member Section, users will be able to 

  • view existing Trading Locations
  • register new Trading Locations
  • terminate existing Trading Locations

Digitalization of the process offers several advantages to Trading Participants:

Enhanced transparency: Trading Participants can view the status of registrations/terminations of Trading Locations in the Member Section, supplementing the status notifications by e-mail.

Operational efficiency: The transition from manual to digital processes offers operational efficiency, translating to time savings and a more streamlined experience for users.
To access the new service, users will need the permission: “Trading Location Eurex”.

The Central Coordinator will be assigned per default and without further action the new permission “Trading Location Eurex” and be able to assign or to revoke the market-specific permission for other users.

To leverage these improvements effectively, users are encouraged to take the following actions:

  1. Permissions Management: Ensure that the newly introduced permission “Trading Location Eurex” is assigned carefully. Grant access to individuals responsible for data maintenance.
  2. Training initiatives: Users may benefit from comprehensive training on the functionality of the new digital service, ensuring a smooth transition and proficiency in utilizing the updated processes. To request a training, please contact your responsible Trading Key Account Manager or
Decommissioning of Qualified Back Office (QBO) exams

With the December 2023 Release, the QBO exams will be decommissioned. Decommissioning of the QBO exams will simplify the admission requirements for QBO admission. Users will no longer be able to book a QBO exam within the Member Section. 

Previously passed QBO exams will remain valid and be accepted as proof of sufficient qualification to perform the respective roles. Individuals who have not previously passed the exam, can be admitted by providing a confirmation of their sufficient qualification submitted by their Compliance Officer.

This change does not require any action from Member Section users.

Exchange Trader confirmation/declaration of personal reliability

Currently, when submitting their trader application via the Member Section, traders are mandated to confirm all the statements listed on the declaration regarding their personal reliability. If no confirmation is provided, the application is not accepted by the system.

With this release, the system will accept applications even if the confirmation is not provided, however, the underlying requirement for personal reliability remains unaffected. Consequently, reliability of the applicant where the confirmations are incomplete will be verified separately in each individual case (post submission of the electronic application).

This change does not require any action from Member Section users.

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