New GUI Access via „T7 GUI Launcher“

Introduction of the T7 GUI Launcher

In light of Oracle’s announced Java SE Support Roadmap, Deutsche Börse has worked on an alternative to continue to provide a seamless update mechanism of the T7 GUIs for its trading participants. The Java SE Support Roadmap has some impact on the T7 GUI launch mechanism (JavaWebstart) and the usage of Oracle’s Java runtime environments required to run the T7 GUIs.

For further detailed information on Oracle’s Java SE Support Roadmap, please also visit the Oracle´s website:

Deutsche Börse's Alternative

Deutsche Börse has been working on a customised solution so that trading participants are still able to run and seamlessly update the T7 GUIs without any additional Java license charges being required. The new “T7 GUI Launcher” replaces the Java Web Start mechanism. Additionally, Deutsche Börse has achieved a licence agreement, which allows the deployment of a bundled Java SE 8 Runtime Environment without additional Java licence charges for the T7 trading community.

The “T7 GUI Launcher” is a small software utility, which all T7 GUI users have to install. Once it is installed, the user’s workplace will provide seamless and automatic updating of the T7 GUIs and of a Java SE 8 JRE. As a result, T7 GUIs

  • start via the T7 GUI Launcher
  • will operate exclusively using the Deutsche Börse-packaged JRE version (only for T7 GUI applications)

Trading Participants who continue to have their own installation of Java SE 8 JRE will still be able get the T7 GUIs via Java Web Start until further notice. Please be advised, that the “T7 GUI Launcher” will only support Windows, i.e. it will not be available for Linux and Mac OS.

The previously used mechanism will still be offered in parallel to the new T7 GUI launcher for a transition period. Further details about the decommissioning timeline will be announced with sufficient lead time.

If you require any further information or have any questions or concerns, please contact us at