Cash collateral

Deposits and withdrawals of cash collateral

Deposits and withdrawals may be requested by a Clearing Member via the C7 Clearing GUI Collateral Transaction Input Window. It is possible to make single requests or multiple requests via the bulk upload functionality.


  • A Clearing Member's deposit request in the GUI triggers a debit from his cash account (e.g. USD) and a credit to Eurex Clearing’s account.
  • Upon receipt of cash collateral on Eurex Clearing's account, the collateral balance for the respective collateral pool is updated.

Cash withdrawals

  • Upon a Clearing Member's withdrawal request in the GUI, Eurex Clearing checks that the withdrawal would not result in a shortfall. If this is not the case, Eurex Clearing will execute the payment and update books and records.
  • Eurex Clearing instructs the cash transfer to the Clearing Member's cash account.
  • The Clearing Member has to return cash collateral to segregated clients - as appropriate.