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05 Dec

Change of Unique Transaction Identifier

The UTI Issuer change will become effective on 05 December 2022.

12 Dec

Cross-margining: Simulation focus week

Simulation focus week from 12 December until 16 December 2022

15 Dec

Price List of Eurex Clearing AG

The amendment will become effective on 15 December 2022.

19 Dec

Introduction of Micro-Options on the DAX® index

Production start: 19 December 2022

23 Dec

Clearing, settlement and cash clearing 

The 23 December and 30 December 2022 are regular settlement days and are included in the regular clearing and settlement calendar of Eurex Clearing.

01 Jan

Equity Index Derivatives, Equity Options and Interest Rate Derivatives

The amendments to the Price List will become effective as of 01 January 2023.

23 Jan

Introduction of Three-Month Euro STR Futures (FST3)

Production start: 23 January 2023

06 Feb

Next Generation ETD Contracts

Functional go-Live

13 Feb 

Next Generation ETD Contracts

Launch of business initiatives.

13 Feb

Next Generation ETD Contracts

Integration weekly expiring contacts.

20 Feb

Next Generation ETD Contracts

Basis trading for MSCI Futures (Market-on-close) with daily expiring contracts in MSCI Futures will be activated. 

27 Feb

Next Generation ETD Contracts

Activation of daily expiring Single Stock Futures for Options Volatility Strategies.

20 Mar

T2-T2S Consolidation

Production start: 20 March 2023

27 Mar

Prisma Release 12.1

Simulation start: 27 March 2023

22 May

Prisma Release 12.1

Production start: 22 May 2023

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