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STIR partnership program

Market-led solution to create an alternative liquidity pool for € short-term interest rate derivatives
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Your active account that tackles EMIR 3.0
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GC Pooling video tutorials

What the buy-side should know about cleared repo in a changing interest rate environment.
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Cross-product margining

Benefit from high margin efficiencies and take advantage of our deep Euro liquidity pools for listed fixed income and OTC interest rate derivatives.
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Putting the fun back in funding

Minimize your funding costs in the changing rates environment.
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FX EFP tutorial – mechanics and use cases

FX EFPs – the best of two worlds

Make the Switch!

Incentive program: no booking fees on individually selected switch days for OTC IRS, OIS and ZCIS transactions.
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GC Pooling® stepping up again as central banks pulling out

Eurex’s Frank Gast and Carsten Hiller explain how GC Pooling® is linked to market crises and central bank policies.
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