Next Generation ETD Contracts

Eurex is implementing an enhanced Exchange Traded Derivatives (ETD) contract concept to allow more than one expiration per month on product level (sub-monthly contracts). These changes create the basis for the introduction of several new product initiatives.

New features, changes and improvements: 

  • New ETD contract concept applicable in the trading, clearing and risk management area
    • current format: YYYYMM
    • new format: YYYYMMDD
  • Integration of weekly options
  • Daily Expiring Single Stock Futures for Options Volatility Strategies
  • T+X basis trading for all MSCI Futures
  • Integration of weekly expiring instruments on product level
  • Position rolling between weekly & non-weekly instruments 
  • Higher visibility of weekly expiring instruments 
  • Implementation of daily expiring futures and calendar spreads  
  • Enhancements of clearing & settlement procedures 

Simulation start: 06 December 2021
Production start: 27 March 2023 

Next generation ETD timeline

Readiness Steps

Eurex Clearing has, in close alignment with Clearing Members, identified the key steps required to achieve readiness by 27 March 2023. These are marked as checkpoints in the customer journey to readiness. We have developed a series of short online questionnaires to monitor the progress of the items for each checkpoint and, where required, to support clients with the individual readiness steps. Whilst there is no requirement to complete these online questionnaires, Eurex encourages Clearing Members to do so in order to gather information on the market readiness.

The following questionnaires will be made available over the next few months:


Action Item

1 - Ready to test? (August 2022)

  • Have all Next Generation ETD Contracts required software modules (i.e. Market Data-, Front-Office-, Back- and Middle-Office ISVs) been delivered by the ISVs or Inhouse developers?
  • Is the final impact assessment on all up- and downstream software completed?
  • Have all impacts been finally aligned with respective 3rd party Vendors and/or in-house developer of up- and downstream systems?

2 - Aligned with clients? (September 2022)

  • Have end clients been informed about the changes?
  • Did the definition and alignment on rollout and readiness approach with end clients take place?

3 - Ready for end-to-end testing? (October 2022)

  • Have the up- and downstream software adjustments been implemented by respective 3rd party Vendors and in-house developments?
  • Have the end-to-end testing started in the simulation environment along with the C7 Release 9.0 changes?

4 - Internal E2E testing completed? (December 2022)

  • Has the internal E2E Next Generation ETD Contracts testing been completed?

Supporting Documents




Readiness Statement

We kindly ask all Clearing Members to submit the Readiness Statement for the Next Generation ETD Contracts initiative by Friday, 17 March 2023 latest.

For your convenience a online submission process has been published. The online Readiness Statement is here available: Readiness Statement. Please enter your dedicated Eurex Clearing PIN in the online questionnaire. The PIN for your company has been sent to the Central Coordinator.

Readiness Videos

Next Generation ETD Contracts - Trading

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