Release 2.7

The Member Section Release 2.7, was introduced on Monday, 20 December 2021. This release concentrates on enhancements to improve the user experience within the Member Section. 

Production start: 20 December 2021

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Release Items/ Participants Requirements



Action Item

Improved Trader Admission services

With the new UI enhancements within the Trading&Clearing Administration section, clients will be able to focus more on the function and interaction in the Member Section. 

"Book Inhouse Event" has been renamed to "Request Inhouse Event". When selecting "Request Inhouse Event", the user chooses the option to conduct the exam inhouse. In the next step the user needs to contact the Capital Markets Academy to arrange the exam inhouse.

In additional, clients can book a Capital Markets Academy online training (Eurex online system training, FWB system training (Xetra/Börse Frankfurt)) through the Member Section via a single-sign-on link under the following path: Trading&Clearing Administration > My Applications > Manage My Training & Exams.

There is no action requried from clients.

Switch-off function for the Central Coordinator/Deputy notifications

A switch-off functionality for notifications will be introduced for Central Coordinators and Deputies. They will have the possibility to switch off the notifications in the Member Section under My Profile > Task Notifications.

There is no action requried from clients.



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