Extended Service Hours

With circular 044/18 Eurex Clearing announced the introduction of the Extended Service Hours. In December 2018 Eurex Deutschland and Eurex Clearing will extend its trading and clearing hours to also cover the Asian time zone.

The market opening for these products will be moved forward to 01:00 CET/02:00 CEST (08:00 Singapore time), starting with a Pre-Trading phase and an Opening Auction, before Continuous Trading is planned to begin at 01:15 CET/02:15 CEST (08:15 Singapore time). All Eurex Trading and Clearing Members will automatically have access to the extended service hours via existing memberships and infrastructure. Additional admission documents are not required to participate the the Extended Service Hours.

Please be aware that the FIXML “End-of-Stream”message will only be supported until Q4 2019. Clearing Members who still use the End of Stream message should start using the FIXML “End of Assignment all Products” message as soon as possible but latest by Q4/2019.

Preliminary product scope

The following products are currently in scope for the extended trading hours. The product scope outlined below may be revised in the course of 2018:

Equity Index Futures:

  • FESX – EURO STOXX 50® Futures
  • FDAX – DAX® Futures
  • FDXM – Mini-DAX® Futures
  • All MSCI futures listed at Eurex Deutschland

Fixed Income Futures:

  • FGBL – Euro Bund Futures
  • FGBM – Euro Bobl Futures
  • FGBS – Euro Schatz Futures
  • FGBX – Euro Buxl® Futures

In order to allow Clearing Members to assign dedicated contact persons for the extended service hours, Eurex Clearing asks all Clearing Members to submit contact details of a suitable contact person (full name, e-mail address and telephone number) for the extended service hours to risk@eurexclearing.com in a timely manner.

For general information on the Extended Service Hours, please visit the section "Trading" on the Eurex Exchange website; relevant information on readiness for Non-Clearing Members is available under the "Initiatives" section.

If you have any questions or require further information, please contact your dedicated Group Client Key Account Manager Clearing or send an email to customer.readiness@eurexclearing.com.

Helpdesk Service during Asian Trading Hours

Technical Key Account Management (00.00 CET to 23.00 CET during trading days)

Please find your VIP number in the Member Section >Technical Connection> Support Box


Trading Operations (24h during trading days, starting Monday 00.00 CET to Friday 22.30 CET)

+49 69 211 11210


Clearing & Risk Operations (00.00 CET to 22.30 CET during trading days)

+49 69 211 11250


Further relevant Eurex contact information can be found in the Member Section under contacts: https://member.eurexchange.com