CCP Release 16.5

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With the introduction of CCP Release 16.5, Eurex Clearing follows the extension of Clearstream (CBF) services with regards to selected Non-Collective Safe Custody (NCSC) instruments. This website provides Eurex Clearing Members with the relevant content and updates during and after the release.

The NCSC instruments where T2S settlement is considered as feasible are labelled as NCSC-T (Non-Collective Safe Custody on T2S) and settled via CBF on T2S platform for equity and equity like products. Based on the settlement location T2S Eurex Clearing adapted its internal processes and settled those instruments in the same way as for Collective Safe Custody (CSC).

As the CSC processing is currently available in the CCP system, no changes to the current processing are applied. The deliveries are displayed with CBF settlement account number and location and settled via T2S for equity and equity like products. Eurex Clearing started to apply the CSC processing for NCSC-T instruments in the simulation environment in May 2019. The CCP Release 16.5 was introduced in June.

Simulation start: 20 May 2019
Production start: 24 June 2019

Participation requirements

Since the CSC processing is available in the CCP system, there are no technical and functional change on the report structure. The deliveries are displayed in reports (i.e. CE260, CE270) with CBF settlement account number and location and settled via T2S for all equity and equity like products and with settlement via (I)CSD for Eurex Repo.

Customer processing WM data service input for instrument master data file have to consider the field GD400 containing new value "060" for NCSC-T instruments. For additional information, please refer to Clearstream information D18082 from 21 December 2018 and respective Clearstream documentation.

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