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2014 - New clearing architecture C7 and Eurex/TAIFEX Link launched

  • On 15 May, Eurex Exchange extends its Asian trading activities further by cooperating with the Taiwan Futures Exchange (TAIFEX). The new Link makes TAIEX futures and options available for the first time after Taiwanese trading hours, i.e. during European and U.S. core trading hours.
  • In terms of post-trading, the roll out of Eurex Clearing's state-of-the-art clearing architecture C7 started in June. C7 represents a unique system design to support clearing of listed and OTC products (for both derivatives and cash) on one common architecture.

2013 - New trading architecture T7 launched

Since 10 June, Eurex Exchange runs completely on Deutsche Börse's global trading architecture T7. Its advanced technology represents a major step for the Exchange as it further expands its leading position in the global derivatives trading industry.

2012 - Expanding the Asian activities

  • Eurex Exchange starts transition to its new trading architecture T7. Its advanced technology represents a major step for Eurex Group as it further expands ist leading position in the global derivatives trading industry.
  • Eurex Clearing launches EurexOTC Clear for interest rate swaps supported by 11 cooperating banks. Already on the first day, transactions were successfully cleared. The new OTC clearing service for OTC-traded derivatives is especially designed for the needs of buy side clients.
  • At its annual meeting in Taipeh, the General Assembly of the World Federation of Exchanges (WFE) elects Andreas Preuss, Eurex CEO, as its new Chairman.
  • Eurex and the Korea Stock Exchange (KRX) celebrate the second anniversary of their cooperation. Both exchanges are looking back on two very successful years of trading. The Eurex-KOSPI Product has steadily increased its daily average volume since launch.
  • We expand our activities in Asia by entering a partnership with the Singapore Exchange. It delivers easy access to each other's marktes and cost efficiencies to participents of both markets.

2011 - European energy goes global

In 2011, Eurex Group acquired a majority stake in the European Energy Exchange (EEX). For Eurex Group, this partnership further strengthens our presence in the commodity markets, serving our global customers as financial and commodities markets are growing ever more closely together.

2010 - Enhancing global reach through Asian partnerships

Eurex Exchange successfully established new partnerships with Asian exchanges to give its members direct access to some of the world's fastest growing markets.

The partnership with the Korea Exchange (KRX) gives members the opportunity to trade KOSPI 200 Index Options, the most liquid equity market contract in the world. Available during core European and American trading hours, it also provides our members in Asia the chance to carry on trading after hours.

Futures and options on the Indian benchmark index SENSEX are made available to Eurex Exchange members, providing access to one of the world's fastest growing emerging economies. Eurex Exchange is the first exchange to offer Indian options outside of India.

2009 - Continued product innovations in trading and clearing

As our market participants faced new challenges, Eurex Exchange responded by offering a range of new trading opportunities. We also continued to extend our existing portfolio through a new silver and gold commodity index as well as agriculture derivatives. Additionally, Eurex Exchange, for the first time, launched a futures contract on Italian government bonds. And we followed up the successful launch of Europe's first exchange-traded index dividend futures in 2008 by expanding our heavily-traded dividend offering with futures on further benchmark indexes as well as dividend futures on single names.

Also in  2009, Eurex Clearing became the first European CCP to introduce a clearing solution - Eurex Credit Clear - for OTC trading in credit default swaps.

2007 - Platform for global distribution

Under our special Trader Development Program, Eurex Exchange expanded its distribution network to include selected countries in Eastern Europe, Central and South America, as well as Asia and Africa. Shortly after introduction, the first participants from Dubai and Canada started trading at Eurex Exchange.

Acquisition of ISE

In April 2007, Eurex Exchange acquired one of the world's leading equity options exchanges - the International Securities Exchange (ISE) - which, in that year alone, saw turnover soaring to 800 million traded contracts. The merger created one of the largest transatlantic derivatives marketplaces.

2003 - Threshold of one billion is reached

For the first time, Eurex Exchange trading volumes exceeded the one billion contract barrier through our high-volume technology platform. Since then, EURO STOXX 50® Index derivatives are the biggest contributors to Eurex Exchanges trading volume. At the same time, our portfolio expanded through products such as European equity options.

2000 - Exploring new asset classes

October 2000 saw the launch of Eurex Bonds, the over-the-counter (OTC) trading platform jointly operated by Eurex Exchange and leading international bond trading firms: with the basis trading functionality, both "pure" cash trading and the simultaneous conclusion of cash and futures trades became possible.

1999 - The beginnings of Eurex Repo

Initially launched in June 1999 as the Swiss Franc Repo Market, Eurex Repo today is the leading provider for international funding and financing in the secured money market (repo and securities lending) and operates five markets: Swiss Franc Repo, OTC Spot, Euro Repo, GC Pooling and SecLend Markets.
More than 320 participants from twelve countries are currently admitted to trading on Eurex Repo markets.

1998 - Foundations

Eurex Exchange

September 28, 1998, saw the world's first cross-border merger of two derivatives exchanges: the Swiss-German derivatives exchange Eurex Exchange emerged, starting out with a total of 312 member firms. At the time, the merger provided impressive evidence that a consolidation of the European capital markets landscape was, in fact, feasible.

Since then, the derivatives products of both exchanges have been traded and settled on a single electronic platform, and Eurex Exchange has remained among the top three global exchanges in terms of number of traded contracts.

Eurex Clearing

Eurex Clearing was founded in 1998 as a CCP clearing house for all transactions entered into the Eurex® system. Since March 2003, it has also performed this function for transactions on Xetra® and the Frankfurt Stock Exchange trading floor.

By 2010, Eurex Clearing was processing 2 billion transactions and serving more than 120 clearing members located in 12 countries. Today, we clear derivatives, equities, repo, securities lending, energy, and fixed income business, with more to come.



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