Could slow be the better speed?

Change in speed? Eurex's board member Randolf Roth shares his view on how speed differentiation can increase fairness, efficiency and robustness of markets in an article for Börsen-Zeitung.

Eurex welcomes Swiss Life as direct clearing member

Eurex Clearing’s ISA Direct – a direct clearing membership for the buy side – gains traction

BNY Mellon now live with cleared securities lending for clients

BNY Mellon has become the first agent lender to centrally clear a securities lending transaction on behalf of a buy-side client through our Lending CCP platform.


Eurex Repo

Eurex Repo

Eurex Repo is a leading European market place for international secured funding and financing and offers the following markets: GC Pooling, Repo, SecLend and Triparty Repo.

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