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Update Contract Notes Distribution

Release date: 05 Jul 2017

Update Contract Notes Distribution

Please be aware that the contract note reports for business days 03rd  and 04th of July 2017 for market XETR included inconsistent data. 

The root cause of the issue has been identified and resolved. Deutsche Börse expects today´s (05th of July 2017) report distribution within the normal timelines.


Regenerated and corrected contract note reports for 03rd  and 04th of July 2017 will be distributed tomorrow, 06th of July 2017.


The following will apply:

  1. Content for price field will be updated to two decimal places
  2. Inconsistencies for Trades in NCSC – ISINs will be corrected
  3. Account-type-mapping to PP will not be changed


In order to identify the corrected versions, header and trailer message (SWIFT MT598) will be adapted in the new versions of the report, i.e. the content of field 20 / Block 4 / transaction number will consist of:


For trading day 03rd of July 2017:

- Exchange trading day (170703)

- Fixed number, “0000004


For trading day 04th of July 2017:

- Exchange trading day (170704)

- Fixed number, “0000004


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