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Preparation of Topology Changes for Low Frequency (LF) Gateways

06 Dec 2019

Preparation of Topology Changes for Low Frequency (LF) Gateways

As previously described in the T7 Release 8.0 Release Notes, Deutsche Börse is planning to make some Topology Changes for the Low Frequency (LF) Gateways in early 2020.

In preparation for these topology changes the necessary changes in the network access to the LF gateways will be made in advance on two separate weekends.  During each weekend only one side of the exchange infrastructure will be changed. Please Note: On both weekends NO activities are required on the participants' side.

  • Side B LF gateways will be changed on 07. December.
  • The change for Side A LF gateways is currently planned for 14. December but will be confirmed at a later stage.

Please refer to the document N7 Network Access Guide (Pages 37/38) to ascertain which network addresses are associated with which side of the infrastructure. The document is published on the Eurex websites ( under the path

System Documentation > Release 8.0 > Network Access

Resulting from the network changes, the LF gateways will be connected directly to the distribution layer switch in the co-location 2.0 network and access to the LF gateways will therefore be similarly as fast as the access to Partition Specific (PS) gateways. The impact on latency resulting from the changes will be as follows:

  • Co-location 2.0 (10Gbit/s) access via LF gateways will be ≈30µs faster than before
  • Please Note: Access to the LF gateways from the correct network side (A/B) will be more important than before. The penalty for accessing “A” LF gateways via a co-location 2.0 “B” line (and vice-versa) is ≈50µs

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