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Update on recording of telephone calls at Derivatives Trading Operations

Release date: 19 Jun 2020 | Eurex Exchange

045/2020 Update on recording of telephone calls at Derivatives Trading Operations

Eurex Circular 045/20

This circular replaces the previous Eurex circular 265/07: “Eurex Exchanges Hotlines / Telephone Numbers of Market Supervision: Call Recording”, dated 21 December 2007

1.   Introduction

Eurex Deutschland would like to remind the respective recipients by means of this circular that incoming and outgoing telephone calls:

  • from and to the below specified Derivatives Trading Operations (hereafter: DTO) hotlines or
  • from and to personal telephone extension numbers of the DTO staff

are recorded by Eurex Deutschland to perform its task of monitoring the orderly conduct of exchange trading and the settlement of trades (§ 23 paragraph 1 clause 1 of the Exchange Rules of Eurex Deutschland).

2.   Required action

The recipients are requested to forward this circular to all persons within their respective companies, who contact the DTO (either via listed hotlines or personal telephone extension numbers of DTO staff), explicitly stating the following important aspects:

  • Calls to and from the specified DTO hotlines as well as personal telephone extension numbers of DTO staff are recorded for the aforementioned purpose by a respective recording system
  • The recordings will be treated with confidentiality and will be used only in the cases described in this circular
  • The specified DTO hotlines and personal telephone extension numbers of DTO staff shall be exclusively used for business purposes
  • No private conversation must be conducted over the specified lines
  • In case a person does not agree with the recording, e-mails may be used as alternative communication channel instead
  • Further information on our data protection principles and data subject rights are available in our privacy notice (accessible under this link):

3.   Details

Data recorded, the confidentiality of which is in the interests of Exchange Participants or of a third party, will be only used for the aforementioned purpose and only if clarifying pertinent facts is not, or not reasonably, possible by using other evidence (§ 23 paragraph 2 clause 1 of the Exchange Rules of Eurex Deutschland). Such data may be forwarded to the competent bodies named in § 10 paragraph 1 clause 3 of the German Stock Exchange Act (Börsengesetz), insofar as those bodies need to know about the data to be able to perform their tasks. 

The recordings shall be deleted after the retention period as defined in § 23 paragraph 1 clause 2 of the Exchange Rules of Eurex Deutschland. As an alternative to the recorded telephone lines, DTO can be reached at the below mentioned e-mail address. 

Calls to and from the following DTO hotlines are recorded:

Hotline name/purpose

Hotline number

Alternative communication channel

General contact for Eurex (MIC: XEUR)

+49-69-211-1 12 10

Mass Deletion Hotline Eurex 

+49-69-211-1 25 40

Further information


To whom it may concern, especially: all Eurex Members and Vendors

Target groups:

Traders, Central Coordinators, Member Supervisors, Compliance functions, Security Administrators, Clearing, General



Derivatives Trading Operations, tel. +49-69-211-1 12 10 (Eurex). Alternatively, please use the 


Related circular:


Eurex circular 265/07

Authorised by:

Randolf Roth


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