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Eurex EnLight: Exceptional rebates for Eurex Liquidity Providers for the month of May 2019

Release date: 04 Jun 2019 | Eurex Exchange

061/2019 Eurex EnLight: Exceptional rebates for Eurex Liquidity Providers for the month of May 2019

Eurex Circular 061/19

Effective 2 May 2019, we introduced the Eurex EnLight Building Block which requires Eurex Liquidity Providers to respond to Eurex EnLight quote requests (see Eurex Circular 022/19).

To account for the fact that responders needed to adapt to these new requirements, Eurex Frankfurt AG and Eurex Clearing AG decided, as an exceptional basis for the month of May 2019 only, to grant Eurex EnLight and TES Liquidity Provider rebates to all Eurex Liquidity Providers that have fulfilled the Basis Building Block in May 2019.

We observe that many Participants are getting ready and increase their activity on Eurex EnLight. On the responder side, Participants are implementing Eurex EnLight into their automated workflows and are getting familiar with the requirements of the new Eurex EnLight Building Block. The exceptional rebate for the month of May 2019 should recognise these activities and further motivate the Participants to use Eurex EnLight as request-for-quote functionality.

Rebates for Eurex Liquidity Providers who fulfil the above-mentioned requirements will be processed in the usual monthly process for May 2019.

Recipients:All Trading Participants of Eurex Deutschland and Vendors
Target groups:Front Office/Trading, Middle + Backoffice
Contact:Simon Brown,,
T +44-207 8 62-72 87;
Miroslav Budimir,,
 +49-69-211-1 34 41
Related Eurex Circular:022/19
Authorized by:Randolf Roth

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