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Reports: Amendment to the list of prioritised reports of Eurex and Eurex Clearing

Release date: 04 May 2020 | Eurex Exchange

029/2020 Reports: Amendment to the list of prioritised reports of Eurex and Eurex Clearing

Eurex Circular 029/20

1.  Introduction

This circular contains information regarding the amendment to the list of prioritised reports of Eurex and Eurex Clearing.

The amended list of prioritised reports is attached to this circular and will come into effect on 1 June 2020.

2.  Required action

No action is required.

3.  Details

Currently, Eurex and Eurex Clearing maintain together a list of about 50 prioritised trading and clearing reports with the aim of making these reports available to members on a daily basis as soon as technically possible.

Eurex and Eurex Clearing have revised the selection of these prioritised trading and clearing reports based on member feedback, as preferences have changed. From 1 June 2020, the following trading reports will be created with priority (see attachment regarding clearing reports):

  • CB069 Transaction Report
  • TD955 Liquidity Provider Measurement
  • TD956 Permanent Market Making Measurement
  • TD957 Advanced Market Maker Measurement
  • TA113 Flexible Instrument Definition
  • TE540 Daily Order Maintenance
  • TE550 Open Order Detail
  • TE810 Daily Trade Confirmation
  • TR100 Order to Ratio Report
  • TR102 Excessive System Usage Report
  • TR902 Daily Order and Quote Transactions

The selection of prioritised reports will be revised and adjusted annually, if necessary. The list of prioritised trading and clearing reports will not exceed 50 reports.

An overview of the prioritised trading and clearing reports can also be found on the Deutsche Börse Group website under the following path:


  • Amended list of prioritised Eurex and Eurex Clearing reports and Transparency Enabler Files, 
    valid as of 1 June 2020

Further Information

Recipients:All Trading Participants of Eurex Deutschland and vendors
Target groups:Front Office/Handel, Middle + Backoffice
Authorised by:Randolf Roth


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