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Mistrade fees: Changes to the process of charging mistrade fees

Release date: 09 Feb 2018 | Eurex Exchange

No. 011/2018 Mistrade fees: Changes to the process of charging mistrade fees

As announced in Eurex Circular 033/17, order book and Eurex T7 Entry Service (TES) mistrade fees are regulated by the Fee Regulations for Eurex Deutschland. Accordingly, the process for charging mistrades will be amended with effect from 5 March 2018.

The following process will apply:

  • For each mistrade, the corresponding Clearing or Non-Clearing Member of Eurex Clearing AG will receive a notification of charges (“Gebührenbescheid”) on a daily basis.
  • Clearing Members and Non-Clearing Members of Eurex Clearing AG will receive an overview of their own notification of charges each month.
  • Mistrade fees will no longer be stated in the CB165 and CB192 fee reports or displayed on the transaction fee invoice of Eurex Clearing AG. A new monthly report “CB189” will be provided to each Clearing Member of Eurex Clearing AG which summarises the mistrade fees per Member ID. The schema files for the new report will be published with the Report Reference Manual (Simulation) on 15 February 2018.
  • All mistrade fees (including mistrade fees from Non-Clearing Members) will still be collected by Eurex Clearing AG from the respective Clearing Members of Eurex Clearing AG, who can charge their Non-Clearing Members respectively.

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