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Eurex Clearing: CCP 16.5 – Introduction of T2S settlement for selected NCSC instruments

Release date: 07 Mar 2019 | Eurex Clearing

No. 023/19 Eurex Clearing: CCP 16.5 – Introduction of T2S settlement for selected NCSC instruments

With the introduction of T2S processing for Clearstream (CBF) in the course of the T2S wave 3 migration, Eurex Clearing has aligned its internal processing to the T2S continuous settlement.

With the introduction of CCP Release 16.5, Eurex Clearing will follow the extension of CBF services with regards to selected Non-Collective Safe Custody instruments. The NCSC instruments, where T2S settlement is considered as feasible, will be labelled as NCSC-T (Non-Collective Safe Custody on T2S) and settled via CBF on the T2S platform for equity and equity-like products. 

Based on the settlement location, T2S Eurex Clearing will adapt its internal processes and settle those instruments in the same way as for Collective Safe Custody.

As the CSC processing is currently available in the CCP system, no changes to the current processing will be applied.

The deliveries will be displayed with the CBF settlement account number and location and settled via T2S for equity and equity like products.

Eurex Clearing will start to apply the CSC processing for NCSC-T instruments on Monday, 20 May 2019 for simulation and on Monday,
 24 June 2019 for production.

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