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Dividend derivatives

Trade the dividends of single stocks or complete stock indexes


We were pioneers in exchange-traded dividends when we introduced our EURO STOXX 50® Index Dividend Futures back in 2008. They provided the on-exchange possibility to trade the separated dividend stream on a standalone basis.

Since then we have continuously expanded our product portfolio. At first with index-based contracts and since 2010 also with contracts on single stocks. We now offer dividend futures on over 80 of the largest Eurozone and pan-European companies.


ProductDiff. to prev. day lastLast priceContractsTime
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D2TE +0.00% 0.60 0 18:00:08
F2TE +0.00% 0.49 0 18:00:08
T2NE +0.00% 0.38 0 18:00:13

Sep 25, 2020 6:00:16 PM

Dividend derivatives (part 2): why are they so successful at Eurex

Eurex Dividend Derivatives Broker list

In this file you will find an overview of all brokers with detailed product and contact information at a glance.

Factsheet: Single Stock Dividend Futures

Spring is ahead and we are starting into a new dividend season. Find out more about our SSDFs, which are designed to separate the dividend stream and enable trading and hedging on a standalone basis.



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