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Eurex's global MSCI offering – the perfect choice for Asia

Release date: 09 Sep 2020 | Eurex Exchange

Eurex's global MSCI offering – the perfect choice for Asia

With 136 MSCI futures and 22 MSCI options covering emerging and developed markets, Eurex is the exchange with the most comprehensive suite of global MSCI derivatives available across all time zones. Together, Eurex and MSCI, provide clients with the most diverse and innovative range of index derivatives and have signed an agreement on the long-term extension of their strategic relationship, providing the stability the market needs during these turbulent times.

Our Asian underlying MSCI products include MSCI EM Asia, MSCI China Free, MSCI Japan, MSCI Taiwan, MSCI Australia, MSCI Singapore, MSCI Hong Kong, MSCI Indonesia, MSCI Thailand, MSCI Malaysia, MSCI Phillippines and more.

Eurex Exchange – the global home of MSCI Derivatives


With 20.1 million contracts traded, our MSCI segment saw a record season in 2019.

The open interest reached EUR 95 billion in MSCI futures and options as of the end of August 2020. 

Notional open interest of Eurex MSCI Japan futures stood at USD 7 billion and Eurex MSCI Emerging Markets Asia futures at USD 25 billion in August 2020.

Expanding the segment based on market trends and customer requests we have added futures on MSCI Kuwait and additional European country futures on the Netherlands, Spain and the Nordic countries in April 2020.

MSCI will also license new indexes to Eurex for listed ESG equity index derivatives and Total Return Futures (TRF) and extend our global leadership in MSCI derivatives by leveraging the growing ESG and Smart Beta investment space.

Eurex truly is the global exchange of MSCI derivatives ecosystem.

The key benefits of trading Eurex MSCI products:

  • Liquid orderbooks for outrights and rolls
  • Continuous 21-hour trading day offers full clearing and risk management capabilities
  • No position limits
  • No threshold limits on blocks
  • Only 8 exchange holidays (closed for only 8 days a year)
  • Portfolio-margining offsets available against major equity derivatives

It is a unique combination of innovation and know-how that sets Eurex’s MSCI offering apart. Switch to Eurex’s global MSCI derivatives now and enjoy the benefits from one of the fastest growing segments at Eurex.

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