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Equity Index Highlights - August 2020 edition

Release date: 11 Aug 2020 | Eurex Exchange

Equity Index Highlights - August 2020 edition

Market briefing 

U.S. equities continued in an upwards trading channel for July. By contrast, European index benchmarks were slightly lower by the end of the month. Despite the support seen across equity markets, a red flag appears against this benign market backdrop, as gold pushes to new highs above the psychological $2,000 level. Gold, often perceived as a safe haven during turbulent times, also comes under the spotlight as an inflation hedge through its allure as a preserver of wealth. Gold is a non-yielding asset, no dividends, nor coupons, and if held via an ETF wrapper, there is a total expense ratio to consider. This explains the activity we see in our ETF option segment, which saw good volumes due to the rolling of iShares Physical Gold options from August to September expiry. Clients look to harvest the volatility risk premia through the sale of options to recoup some of these holding costs.  [...]

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We're happy to announce that the all-new Eurex app is live! Get all relevant news, circulars, readiness newsflashes and events from Eurex Exchange and Eurex Clearing. Find out more about the app by reading the interview with Rahwa Kidane and Franziska Meder from Information Management (Client Services). They explain the main drivers behind the development, its benefits and how to use it.  

Introduction of quarterly expiries on EURO STOXX 50® Index Options
With effect from 24 August 2020, two additional quarterly expirations (March and September) for EURO STOXX® 50 Index Options will be introduced.

The liquidity requirements, effective as of 1 September 2020, will be adjusted accordingly. For Liquidity Providers, the number of expirations to be quoted will increase from 10 to 12 expirations. All other requirements remain unchanged.

Eurex EnLight: Major milestone reached
Since the launch of Eurex EnLight in March 2018, three million contracts have been traded on the RFQ platform.

Q&A with Megan Morgan. From niche to mainstream - the growing market demand for listed derivatives
In response to market demand, listed derivatives are getting more and more versatile in terms of products and functionality. We sat down for a two-piece interview with Megan Morgan, Global Head of Equity and Index Sales at Eurex, to get the background on the increasing diversity of products, users and applications.
Part I
Part II


Webcast on-demand: ISF-ISLA -The New Regulatory Agenda What Might Delays Mean for Buy & Sell-Side Firms
Marcel Naas, Managing Director of Eurex STS, joined the panel "New Regulatory Agenda: What Might Delays Mean to Buy & Sell-Side Firms" at the ISF & ISLA securities finance webcast series. Catch on-demand webcast to follow the discussions about the pandemic's impact on upcoming regulations and the post-implementation effect it could have on the markets


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