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Extended trading hours again a success in roll month June

Release date: 28 Jun 2019 | Eurex Clearing, Eurex Exchange, Eurex Group

Extended trading hours again a success in roll month June

Second roll of 2019 during the extended trading hours another success

Once again, we experienced high trading activities and achieved another weekly volume record. This performance is a proof of our commitment to provide our customers with the best price quality and market depth during Asian trading hours. The figures in detail:

Key figures Fixed Income roll (30 May – 5 June)

  • Over 160 members traded during the roll, about two thirds of all members were active during Asian hours
  • Largest portion of trading was in the second hour after the opening (30 percent)
  • Average daily volume (ADV) of 73,172 traded contracts with a total of 365,000 traded contracts (single counted), highest weekly volume since the launch of the trading hours extension
  • Volume during June roll increased by 72 percent compared to March roll (4 – 8 March) 
  • High trading volume on Euro-Bund Futures (61 percent) during Asian trading hours, followed by Euro-Bobl Futures (20 percent) and Euro-Schatz Futures (15 percent) 

Hourly trading distribution (traded contracts in thousands)

Key figures Equity Index roll (17 June – 21 June)

  • Distribution of trading activities was relatively even during Asian trading hours
  • ADV of 35,000 traded contracts is comparable to the previous Equity Index derivatives roll
  • High trading volume on EURO STOXX 50 Futures (83%)

Hourly trading distribution (traded contracts in thousands) 

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