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Plenty of food for thought at the Derivatives Forum 2019 in Frankfurt

Erscheinungsdatum: 12. Apr 2019 | Eurex Exchange, Eurex Clearing

Plenty of food for thought at the Derivatives Forum 2019 in Frankfurt

More than 150 experts from the derivatives community gathered in a beautiful location in Frankfurt’s “new” Old Town to join the Derivatives Forum 2019. The overall themes of the event hosted by Eurex were the changes in the financial industries with a special look on sustainability and new market structures.

Eurex CEO Thomas Book at the Derivatives Forum in FrankfurtZoom

Eurex CEO Thomas Book welcomes speakers and guests to the Derivatives Forum 2019 in Frankfurt.

In his welcome speech, Thomas Book, Eurex CEO and executive board member of Deutsche Börse, thanked the guests for their interest in the event and promised an interesting and informative afternoon. His speech focused on the main trends regulatory requirements, the changing investment behavior and new technologies, and he also underlined the importance of a global agenda to meet the upcoming challenges.

The afternoon was moderated by Katja Dofel, TV journalist on n-tv. The speakers and panelists represented a broad spectrum of the industry. The sessions started with interesting insights about sustainable investing by Georg Kell, founding Executive Director of United Nations Global Compact, a voluntary initiative based on CEO commitments to implement universal sustainability principles and to undertake partnerships in support of UN goals. He demonstrated that there is proof that responsible investing companies are also performing better in general. Sustainability pays off, or as Georg Kell put it “who cares, wins.” 

His lecture was followed by the afternoons first panel covering the future(s) of ESG. When asked, 56 percent of the audience answered that they actually had already considered implementing derivatives based on ESG principles in their investment process.

After the lunch break Eric Böss, Head of Trading, Allianz Global Investors discussed with Eurex’s Member of the Executive Board Randolf Roth the necessity of changing market structures to best support market participants and regulatory efforts, the resulting new solutions and key implications for all users. 

Two breakout sessions on asset classes dealt with the subjects IBOR and equity index liquidity. The afternoon ended with another panel discussion on a very broad topic: the global landscape –  shaping the financial markets of the future. Discussed were the growing tendencies to return to national markets although markets are global. The panelists agreed that this created both challenges and opportunities. So what will the financial markets of the futures look like, where are new hubs and what will their relevance be in 10 years? The panelists provided deep insights, interesting ideas and expressed the need for a Capital Market Union. The question of the afternoon “Will Frankfurt be the or just one important financial hub in the Europe after Brexit?” was clearly answered with “it will be one of the important hubs” by the audience.

The closing remarks featured Eurex’s engagement to make the Derivatives Forum one of the leading industry events and pointed out the upcoming events in Amsterdam, Paris, Stockholm and London. The following networking session provided ample opportunities to discuss the insights of the day and to interact with industry peers.






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