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FIA Boca wrap-up (part I): The futures world is changing

Erscheinungsdatum: 13. Mär 2019 | Eurex Exchange, Eurex Clearing

FIA Boca wrap-up (part I): The futures world is changing

Time to explore new opportunities

Like every year, all that has rank and name in the futures world meets in Boca Raton for the 44th FIA International Futures Industry Conference. It goes without saying that since there are challenging topics to discuss, this important industry meeting is joined by a considerable number of delegates from Eurex.

The world faces fundamental changes, the regulatory requirements after 2008, the fact that the buy side started to take over services similar to traditional commercial banks combined with the trend to passive investing, the opening of China’s capital markets and all the new disrupting technologies in our industry, to name just a few. All these are demanding challenges, but as always times like these are also offering big opportunities to those who have thought ahead and are ready to tackle these challenges.

Fairer is better

The FIA in Boca Raton is the perfect place to discuss and exchange ideas with our industry peers. We at Eurex embrace the opportunities as they allow us to shape market structures for the better, resulting in more fairness and a balanced treatment for all market participants. How will we do this?

  • We continue to be a strong advocate of the principle “global markets need global rules”.
  • We support their efforts around financial stability and work with authorities around the globe to offer our clients efficient solutions.
  • We support the financial markets to navigate the Brexit process by providing market-led solutions for the challenges ahead of us.
  • With new market models we support the buy side while at the same time serving the sell side’s needs. Our market structure roadmap aims at strengthening fairness in the price discovery process.
  • To explore the technology paths ahead, we have just entered a strategic partnership with Swisscom and Sygnum to build a trusted digital asset ecosystem. Core elements of new ecosystem to provide issuance, custody, access to liquidity and banking services leveraging Distributed Ledger Technology.

All the above are just examples for numerous new products and services we have already launched or are planning to launch. With these initiatives, we enhance our market models to boost fairness and transparency and to improve our services for end clients. And Boca Raton is the place to discuss and announce this.






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