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Eurex awarded ‘Global Exchange of the Year’ by FOW

Erscheinungsdatum: 08. Dez 2016 | Eurex Exchange

Eurex awarded ‘Global Exchange of the Year’ by FOW

The winners of this year’ FOW Awards were unveiled at the annual gala dinner in London. Mehtap Dinc, member of the Eurex Executive Board, responsible for Global Derivatives Product Development accepted the awards. With the recent awards, Deutsche Börse, Eurex and Eurex Clearing have been recognized as leaders and innovators by key publications.

Eurex Exchange: Global Exchange of the Year & European Exchange of the Year 

Eurex takes home the award for ‘European Exchange of the Year’ and for ‘Global Exchange of the Year’. During the judging period Eurex grew volumes by 8% year-on-year despite the continued historic lows in European interest rates. Eurex’s index products have experienced strong growth across its MSCI and STOXX® portfolios. In addition, Eurex offers the widest breadth of MSCI products, and futures and options volume in these contracts grew considerably. Overall Eurex has shown strong results and offered - jointly with Eurex Clearing - ‘innovative solutions to cope efficiently with regulatory challenges’.

Eurex Clearing: ISA Direct - Best Technology Innovation

Eurex’s ISA Direct was hailed by judges as an “innovative solution to a new problem”. The buy side has traditionally been wary of direct clearing citing the costs associated with it and the default risk that these firms have to carry as members of the default funds. Eurex Clearing, in response, launched ISA Direct, a clearing service aimed at pension funds, insurance firms and investment funds. The new membership type allows buy side participants to have a direct contractual relationship with the clearinghouse facilitated by a clearing agent. Another judge said, “if buy side firms are going to establish direct memberships, this is the model for them”.

Eurex Exchange: Prop Traders’ Exchange of the Year

In a survey to evaluate exchanges, more than 90 senior buy side executives voted for Eurex and praised the consultative way Eurex works with them on new product launches.

Will Mitting, Publisher, FOW






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