Webcast (replay): The changing face of liquidity after Covid

02 Dec 2021 04:00 AM

Turning the tables: the changing face of liquidity provision in equity and fixed income markets 

Liquidity provision in Europe’s capital markets is being reshaped fundamentally by the after-effects of the pandemic, with equity and fixed income markets on the brink of a radical shake-up.

As buy-side firms searched for liquidity during the pandemic, they engaged - through accelerated adoption of automated trading - with new liquidity providers who offered greater transparency and optionality compared to traditional sources of risk capital.

Empowered by this experience, the buy-side are now active participants in sourcing and building latent liquidity: able to select what liquidity is available to them and where – and also what assets to trade and how. 

And, as the buy-side settles into the liquidity driving seat, it will have repercussions for future market structure and regulation.

This webcast will focus on:

  • The new liquidity provision architecture after the pandemic
  • The wider impacts on the regulatory landscape and the participants who will make up the new market eco-structure
  • The changing dynamic between the buy-side and independent market making firms 


  • Rebecca Healey, Managing Partner, Redlap Consulting 


  • Piebe Teeboom, Secretary General, FIA European Principal Trading Association
  • Jonas Ullmann, Executive Board Member, Eurex
  • Mike Kuehnel, Chief Financial Officer, Flow Traders
  • Robert Miller, Execution Consultant, Vanguard Asset Management

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