Derivatives Markets 2022 key trends and development

The Derivatives Forum is the leading European event focused on trading and clearing for derivatives and securities financing across asset classes. The Derivatives Forum Frankfurt took place on May 24 and 25 at the Congress Center, it was held for the first time as a hybrid event, with 47 sessions, 118 Speakers and more than 1000 top-of-field peers from around the world. 

Watch the recordings of most panels, keynote speeches and interviews with leading industry participants across Europe and the world!


Keynote – J.P. Morgan

Keynote – Deutsche Bank

Keynote – Zero to Crypto

Panel discussion: Navigating politics in 2022

Stream 1: Markets & Regulation

Panel discussion: Index Leaders

Panel discussion: Exchange Leaders

Panel discussion: Cryptocurrency fad or forever?

Stream 2: Derivatives & Portfolio Management

Fireside chat with Google

Market Insights 1 on 1: Providing liquidity to the markets

Panel discussion: Big, alternative, meta: new "Data-Verses" that excite investors

Panel discussion: Navigating a new era of Cross-Asset Volatility

Stream 3: Liquidity & Collateral Management

Keynote: ESMA CCP Supervisory Committee focal areas for 2022 and beyond

Market Insights 1 on 1: Cross Margining – myth or reality?

Keynote: Trends in EURO STOXX 50 Futures a review of two decades

Panel discussion: Clearing innovation & trends

Panel discussion: Embracing innovation in Repo

Panel discussion: The evolving role of collateral management & collateral mobility

Panel discussion: CCP Switch and the future of EU and UK regulations

Stream 4: Technology & Innovation

Panel discussion: The future of FX Futures

Panel discussion: Creating value through algorithms

Stream 5: Sustainability & Investing

Keynote: Thematic investing – How trends shape the future

Keynote: What is next in ESG Multi Assets?

Market Insights 1 on 1: The role of derivatives in the sustainability transition

Market Insights 1 on 1 with J.P. Morgan

Panel discussion: Liquidity & trading opportunities in ESG Derivatives

Panel discussion: ESG risk management from a pension fund perspective

Panel discussion: Green bonds and the new EU taxonomy

Panel discussion: Energy markets are key to a successful transition to net zero

Stream 6: Digital Assets & Markets

Market Insights 1 on 1 with Coinbase

Fireside chat: Crypto & derivatives

Market Insights 1 on 1: Cryptoassets – EU regulatory approach

Panel discussion: Institutional adoption of crypto assets

Panel discussion: Crypto for Institutions

Panel discussion: Are digital assets changing the face of asset management?

Panel discussion: When two worlds collide: looking at crypto in the derivatives space