Company Admission Tool (CaT) Releases

Release 2.275

With the introduction of the CaT Release 2.275, Eurex Clearing further improved the user experience for Clearing Members by introducing new functionality in the Company Admission Tool (CaT). 

Simulation start: 30 November 2022
Production start: 09 December 2022


Release Items/Participants Requirements



Action Item

Admission workflow changes for Disclosed Clients (DCs) with Member ID

Clearing Members will be able to use the new admission workflow for DCs with Member ID (Basic DC with Reports and DCs with system access).

The new workflow, comes with a redesign and harmonization of existing GUIs for the segregation change requests. 

A new tab "Changes" is now also introduced for admissions and shows the entered data in a compact format. 

Clearing Members are kindly asked to finalize all open admissions by 07 December 2022 latest. All admissions that remain open will be set to "read only" state. New admissions can be started on 09 December 2022. A quick guide for the new admission workflow will be made available before the go-live on the webpage. 

Fetching legal data

Within the new admission workflow, Clearing Members only need to enter the Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) in CaT. All legal data is automatically fetched from and does not to be be entered manually anymore. Clients will have the possibility to correct the data if required.

There is no action required for this change.

Flexible selection of position accounts

During the admission process for OTC IRS and ETD DCs it is now possible to request only position accounts that are needed, i.e. clients can request e.g. a subset of A2-A9 accounts or e.g. the M1 account only.

There is no action required for this change.

Singapore based clients

When onboarding a Singapore based DC the "Singapore Addendum" document needs to be provided to the client. 
Clearing Members need to confirm that they made sure, that the DC received the document.

The confirmation is done by ticking the respective newly  introduced checkbox in the admission tool. 

There is no action required for this change. 

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