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Trader Exam

Eurex Trader Exam

To be registered as a trader for a Eurex member firm, evidence of the necessary professional knowledge and practical experience must be provided. The qualification can be obtained in particular by passing an examination.

Practical experience is given if the applicant successfully participated in a functional system training or participated in trading at an multilateral trading system during a period of at least six month within the last two years before application and provides respective evidence thereon.

Only individuals for whom an application for admission as exchange trader was already submitted to our Member Services & Admission team will be admitted to sit the examination.

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Mobile Learning

The simulation software for the Eurex Trader Exam, specially created for smart phones, offers two features for exam preparation: “Questionnaire“ and “Exam“. The questionnaire includes all 102 questions of the exam catalogue. They are grouped by subject and can be worked through with any smartphone and mobile phone with internet access. The results are also immediately shown so that you can check if your answers were correct.

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