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Co-location services

Co-location Services

In today's highly competitive world of algorithmic trading, it is essential for high frequency trading firms to host their key trading technology as close as possible to Eurex Exchange's matching engines in order to remain competitive.

Eurex Group works together with technology partners like Equinix to offer customers robust co-location solutions.

Co-location hosting means that exchange participants trading applications are located in the same data center as Eurex Exchange's matching engines.

Eurex Exchange offers co-location clients with at least two 10 Gbit/s cross connects in the Equinix data center one additional 1 Gbit/s fiber cross connect delivering access to a high quality, GPS synchronized time service via network time protocol (NTP) and precision time protocol (PTP) signals for free.

Customized Latency Statistics

Eurex Group with all its constituents is at the forefront of providing transparency in terms of sharing latency information with exchange participants. We now also offer tools that let participants monitor roundtrip times and TCP/IP network latency statistics on the last mile. These and other services for participants are available in the service portal, which is located in the Member Section.

Eurex Exchange network connections combine the shortest geographic routing paths with different routing options and the latest optical transmission techniques. Our network design guarantees proven maximum availability with no single point of failure while simultaneously offering the lowest possible latency.
For futures orders Eurex Exchange currently offers customers (daily) average roundtrip times as low as 0.2-0.35 milliseconds in co-location. In the case of remote trading locations, latencies are higher. As a general guideline, participants in remote trading locations experience approximate additional one way latencies of:

  • 3.3 milliseconds for Amsterdam
  • 4.6 milliseconds for Paris
  • 4.6 milliseconds for London
  • 40 milliseconds for New York
  • 48 milliseconds for Chicago.

Your Eurex Exchange technical customer account representative can walk you through pricing and configuration options.

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