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All key information documents for Eurex products

On this page you find the key information documents (KIDs) required by the PRIIPs regulation for our futures and options. The documents are supposed to help investors understand the nature, composition of costs, potential gains and losses of the respective products (PRIIPs). Moreover, they will help investors to compare products similar in nature.

A key information document shall be written in one of the official languages, or in another language accepted by the competent authorities, of the Member State where the PRIIP is distributed. If no respective translation is available the PRIIP must not be distributed to retail customers in such Member State.

Click here to get an overview of the target market considerations for Eurex’ futures and options.

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Weitere Informationen zu Eurex Dividendenderivaten finden Sie hier.


Exchange Traded Funds-Derivate

Weitere Informationen zu Exchange Trades Funds-Derivaten finden Sie hier.



Weitere Informationen zu Eurex Immobilienderivaten finden Sie hier.


Bond Index Derivate

Weitere Informationen zu Eurex Bond Index Derivaten finden Sie hier.


Key Information Documents (KIDs) full package
      • 13 Feb 2018
    • Key Information Documents (KIDs) full package

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