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Market-Making futures

Market-Making futures

Eurex encourages Market-Making in Futures (Designated Market-Making) for selected futures contracts in order to add liquidity. As a Designated Market Maker, the Eurex member undertakes to provide continuously bid and ask prices in the defined quoting phase for the respective futures contracts, subject to maximum spreads for a specified minimum quote size over a defined period. To apply as a Designated Market Maker in one of the available schemes, please use the form enclosed in the related circulars listed here. An overview of all Designated Market Makers is also available there.

For general questions on Market-Making in Futures (Designated Market-Making), please contact:
Christine Heyde +49 - 69-211 – 1 56 98 or send an email to:

  • Market Makers

    Morgan Stanley

    Maximilian Leuschner

    T +44 20 7677 9112

    Market Maker ID: MGILO

  • Market Makers

    JP Morgan

    Omar Bennani

    T +44 20 7134 1320

    Market Maker ID: JPMFR

  • Market Makers

    Banco Santander

    Alfonso Ruiz Poveda

    T + 34 91 257 22 17

    Market Maker ID: BSAMD

  • Market Makers

    Morgan Stanley

    Gabriel Manceau

    T +44 20 74 25 41 63

    Market Maker ID: MGILO

    VSTOXX® Futures

  • Market Makers

    Société Générale

    Massimiliano Pignatelli

    T +44-20-77 62-59 71

    Market Maker ID: SOGFR

  • Market Makers

    WEBB Traders

    Marco van den Berg

    T +31 (0)20 71 40 714

    Market Maker ID: WEBAM

  • Market Makers

    Mosaic Finance

    Thibault Courtin

    T +33 1 70 36 10 58

    Market Maker ID: MOFPA

  • Market Makers

    ADG Market Making LLP

    Pira Suntharalingam

    T +44 207 856 1625

    Market Maker ID: AMMLO

  • Market Makers

    Susquehanna International Securities Ltd.

    Jonathan Wyse

    T +353-1-802-8389

    Market Maker ID: SISDB

  • Market Makers

    Banca IMI

    Enrico Lazzaroni

    T +39 02 7261 5858

    Market Maker ID: CAHMI



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