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Impact on the derivatives market

The revised Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID) and the accompanying Markets in Financial Instruments Regulation (MiFIR) regulate the provision of investment services in a multitude of financial instruments at regulated trading venues as well as in OTC trading.

Deutsche Börse Group can put you on a fast track to fulfilling regulatory reporting requirements. They will help you meet current and future regulatory obligations easily and efficiently by offering various reporting solutions.


The new legal framework will be applicable starting  3 January 2018. 

Eurex works towards achieving full MiFID compliance well ahead of the application date. Any technical changes required to achieve compliance with the MiFID II/MiFIR regulations will be implemented with the T7 Release 6.0. This release will go live on 4 December 2017, while members will be able to test the new T7 6.0 version in the simulation starting 22 September 2017. Please refer to the “Eurex Exchange Roadmap 2017 – Timeline” presentation for full details. More information about all T7 Release 6.0 introduction details also covering non-MiFID related scope items are provided here:

Apart from the technical changes required to ensure MiFID compliance, this website will keep you also fully informed on all MiFID related changes in Eurex systems and processes that might impact market participants.

In case you want to align on the implementation of MiFID requirements or have further information needs, you may contact our dedicated MiFID project team via You can, of course, also always contact your Key Account Manager.

Webinar: MiFID II Market Making and Liquidity Provisioning

Miroslav Budimir - Senior Vice President at Eurex, presented in a webinar the Market Making changes under MiFID II
In case you couldn’t join the webinar, you can find here the record of the webinar to keep you up to date.

Eurex Roadshow 2017, Part 1: Trading participant reference data

Eurex is required to collect additional reference data from its participants. This presentation informs about the impact for participants resulting from these requirements. 

Eurex Roadshow 2017, Part 2: T7 R6.0 MiFID II / MiFIR compliance release

Since T7 Release 6.0 is planned to be launched on 4 December 2017, this document provides an overview of the enhancements planned for T7 Release 6.0.

Eurex Roadshow 2017, Part 3: New Eurex RFQ Platform

This presentation explains the cornerstones of our new electronic, selective RFQ Platform helping our members meet the best execution challenge.

ETD Off-Book business prepares for MiFID II

Randolf Roth

For the last two years Eurex has been heavily engaged with understanding how MiFID II will impact its business and how to address these new regulatory hurdles. Eurex was also determined to understand how the new regulatory regime would affect its members so that it might be able to use its existing expertise to solve not only its own compliance requirements, but also those of its members by providing genuinely innovative solutions. Read the article with Randolf Roth on how the ETD off-book business prepares to cope with the upcoming challenges.


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