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Vienna Stock Exchange Indexes

Vienna Stock Exchange Indexes

Your access to Central Eastern Europe

With its economy closely connected to the Central Eastern European (CEE) markets, Austria has always been a gateway to this region. And with our new ATX®, ATX® five and CECE® EUR Index Derivatives you now can invest directly into these markets.

What do the underlying indexes stand for?

  • The ATX® and ATX® Five Indexes track the price development of the most liquid and highly capitalized Austrian stocks.
  • The CECE® EUR Index is the composite Eastern European index comprising Hungarian, Czech and Polish stocks.
  • The RDX® EUR Futures are the EUR-denominated complement to the already listed RDX® USD Derivatives which are also calculated by the Vienna Stock Exchange.

Client’s view: Raiffeisen Centrobank on our Austrian segment

After the launch of futures and options on the indexes ATX® and ATX® five, CECE® EUR and RDX® EUR, we talked to Johannes Hämmerle, Head of Trading, Raiffeisen Centrobank Wien, about how the contracts have been received by the market.

The Vienna Stock Exchange. Learn more about the underlyings

The Vienna Stock Exchange is an established index provider offering well known indexes for Austria and Central Eastern European.

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