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Overview contract specifications

Overview contract specifications FX derivatives



FX contractProduct IDProduct ISINUnderlying ISIN
EUR/USD FuturesFCEUDE000A1N53R4EU0009652759
EUR/CHF FuturesFCEFDE000A1N53S2EU0009654078
EUR/GBP FuturesFCEPDE000A1N53T0EU0009653088
GBP/USD FuturesFCPUDE000A1N53U8GB0031973075
GBP/CHF FuturesFCPFDE000A1N53V6GB0009534727
USD/CHF FuturesFCUFDE000A1N53W4XC0009652816
EUR/USD OptionsOCEUEU0009652759EU0009652759
EUR/CHF OptionsOCEFEU0009654078EU0009654078
EUR/GBP OptionsOCEPEU0009653088EU0009653088
GBP/USD OptionsOCPUGB0031973075GB0031973075
GBP/CHF OptionsOCPFGB0009534727GB0009534727
USD/CHF OptionsOCUFXC0009652816XC0009652816

Contract sizes

UnderlyingContract size
USD/CHFUSD 100,000


Physical delivery of underlying currencies (T+2) via the CLS system.

Price quotation and minimum price change

The price quotation is determined as a decimal number with five decimal places. The minimum price change is 0.00005, equivalent to a value of five units of the quote currency.

Contract months

Up to 36 months: The three nearest successive calendar months, the three following quarterly months of the March, June, September and December cycle thereafter, and the four following semi-annual months of the June and December cycle thereafter.

Last trading day and final settlement day

Last trading day is the third Wednesday of each maturity/expiration month if this is an exchange day; otherwise the exchange day immediately preceding that day. Close of trading in the maturing FX Futures / expiring FX Option series on the last trading day contracts is at 15:00 CET. FX Options can be exercised until 16:00 CET. Final settlement day occurs on T+2.

Daily settlement price

FX Futures: Daily settlement price is the volume weighted average price of the futures transactions calculated over a 60 second interval ending at 17:30 CET. If less than five transactions occur, the VWAP of the last five transactions conducted in the last 15 minutes before 17:30 CET or the mid-point of bid/ask prices in the order book before 17:30 CET is used.

FX Options: The underlying reference price for FX options contracts is the daily settlement price of the corresponding FX futures series.

Final settlement price

FX Futures: Final settlement price is the volume weighted average price of all transactions executed during the final trading minute ending at 15:00 CET. If no adequate prices are available, Eurex Exchange will use the average mid-price of the last displayed bid ask spot prices over a 60 second interval ending at 15:00 CET that are published by the data provider designated by Eurex Clearing.
FX Options: The final settlement price of the corresponding expiring FX futures contract shall be relevant for the FX options contract.

Exercise of options

European-style; an option can only be exercised on the final settlement day of the respective option series until the end of the Post-Trading Full-Period (16:00 CET).

Exercise prices

Option series of FX options contracts with a term of up to 24 months have exercise prices with price gradations of 0.005 units of the quote currency or 0.010 units of the quote currency for terms of more than 24 months.

Number of exercise prices

Upon the admission of options, at least 15 exercise prices shall be made available for each due date for each call and put, such that seven are in-the-money, one is at-the-money and seven are out-of-the-money.

Trading Hours

ProductPre-TradingTradingPost-Trading FullOTC Block TradingLast trading day
Trading untilExercise until
FX Futures23:55-00:0000:00-23:0023:00-23:0500:00-23:0015:00
FX Options07:30-08:0008:00-19:3019:30-20:3008:00-20:0015:0016:00

Eurex Trade Entry Services

The following Eurex Trade Entry Services are available for FX derivatives:

  • Block Trades (minimum block trade size 500 contracts, EUR/USD Futures & Options 1,000 contracts).
  • EFPI Trades
  • Vola Trades


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