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Service hours

Service hours

For the utilization of Eurex Trade Entry Services special service hours apply, different from regular trading hours.


Interest Rate Derivatives

ProductTrade Entry service hours
Euro-Schatz Futures, Euro-Bobl Futures
Euro-Bund Futures, Euro-Buxl® Futures
Short-Term Euro-BTP Futures
Mid-Term Euro-BTP Futures
Long-Term Euro-BTP Futures
Mid-Term Euro-OAT Futures
Euro-OAT Futures
Euro-BONO Futures
CONF Futures08:30-17:00
Euro-Swap Futures08:30-19:00
Options on Euro-Schatz Futures
Options on Euro-Bobl Futures
(Weekly) Options on Euro-Bund Futures
Options on Euro-OAT Futures
Three-Month EURIBOR Futures08:00-19:00
EONIA Futures
EUR Secured Funding Futures
Options on Three-Month EURIBOR Futures
One-to Four-Year Mid Curve Options on Three-Month EURIBOR Futures

Equity Derivatives

ProductTrade Entry service hours
Single Stock Futures
(Austrian, Belgian, Swiss, Greek, Irish,
Norwegian, Portuguese and Swedish underlyings)
Single Stock Futures
(German, Spanish, Finnish, French,
Italian and Dutch underlyings)
Single Stock Futures
(British, Polish and Russian underlyings)
Single Stock Futures
(Brazilian, Canadian and US underlyings)
Equity options (Standard)09:00-19:00
Equity options (Austrian underlyings)09:15-19:00
Equity options (Russian underlyings)09:15-19:00
(16:30-17:00 on the last trading day)
Equity options (British and Irish underlyings)09:00-18:30

Equity Index Derivatives

ProductTrade Entry service hours
Equity index futures (Standard)08:00-22:00
EURO STOXX® Sector Index Futures
STOXX® Europe 600 Sector Index Futures
TA-35 Index Futures08:30-22:00
Eurex Daily Futures on (Mini-)KOSPI 200 Derivatives10:00-21:00 CET
11:00-21:00 CEST
Equity Index Options (Standard)09:00-19:00
RDX® USD Options09:15-19:00
SENSEX Options08:00-19:00
Daily Futures on TAIEX derivatives07:45-21:00 CET
08:45-21:00 CEST

FX Derivatives

ProductTrade Entry service hours
FX Futures 00:00–23:00
FX Options08:00-20:00

On a maturity/expiration day of a series (third Wednesday of the maturity/expiry month) the entry of trades in the expiring front month contract using the Block Trade service is possible until 15:00.

Dividend Derivatives

ProductTrade Entry service hours 
Single Stock Dividend Futures08:30-19:00
EURO STOXX 50® Index Dividend Futures08:30-22:00
EURO STOXX® Select Dividend 30 Index Dividend Futures
EURO STOXX®/STOXX® Europe 600 Sector Index Dividend Futures
DAX® Price Index Dividend Futures
DivDAX® Dividend Futures
SMI® Dividend Futures08:30-19:00
EURO STOXX 50® Index Dividend Options08:30-19:00

Volatility Derivatives

ProductTrade Entry service hours
VSTOXX® Futures 09:00-22:00
VSTOXX® Options09:00-18:30
Options on VSTOXX® Futures09:00-18:30
EURO STOXX 50® Variance Futures18:30-21:00

Exchange Traded Funds Derivatives

ProductTrade Entry service hours 
Futures on iShares & db x-trackers ETFs09:00-20:00
Options on iShares & db x-trackers ETFs09:00-19:00

Commodity Derivatives

ProductTrade Entry service hours
Bloomberg Commodity (Sub-) IndexSM Futures09:00-21:30
Exchange Traded Commodities Derivatives09:00-19:00

Property Derivatives

ProductTrade Entry service hours
IPD UK Quarterly Index Futures08:30-18:30

Market Status




Trading System experiencing issues

Trading System experiencing serious issues

Production newsboard

The Market Status Indicator displays the current technical availability of the trading system.

It indicates whether Production Newsboard messages regarding current technical issues of the trading system have been published or will be published shortly.

We strongly recommend not to take any decisions based on the Market Status Indicator. Please, always check the Production Newsboard for comprehensive information.

An instant update of the Market Status requires an enabled up-to date Java™ version within the browser.