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Exchange Traded Funds Derivatives

Exchange Traded Funds Derivatives

Eurex Trade Entry Services

Benefit from the combination of customized trading and standardized clearing:

Since the European ETF market has grown substantially Eurex Exchange has established derivatives on ETFs in Europe. Futures and options on the most successful ETFs of the index provider iShares, based on DAX®, SMI® and the EURO STOXX 50®, options on ten ETFs of the index provider Source, five options on Lyxor ETFs as well as three ETFs by db-xtrackers are tradable at Eurex Exchange.

For a lot of attractive ETFs, Eurex Exchange therefore offers additional trading opportunities to precisely manage your risk exposure.

Options on ETFs offer investors, especially those already invested in ETFs, an efficient tool to hedge or leverage their ETF investments in a transparent and reliable exchange environment.

Significantly lower contract values compared to our equity index derivatives and the physical delivery at settlement of the contract round off our product portfolio.

Get ready for Eurex Clearing Prisma

To fully benefit from cross margining efficiencies, have a look at the Eurex Clearing Prisma release schedule, to plan for an early migration of the remaining Liquidation Groups. Use the right tools for an enhanced margin calculation.

Active management of ETF positions with Eurex ETF Options

Philipp Schultze

Philipp Schultze explains the considerable benefits of using Eurex ETF Options and how they allow investors to actively manage ETF positions and thereby yield a higher return.

Ready for download: All ETF product information in one file

Contract specifications, real-time feeds, Block trade Sizes and much more: find an overview of the essential ETF product information.

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