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Dividend Derivatives

Dividend Derivatives

Trade the dividends of single stocks or complete stock indexes


We were pioneers in exchange-traded dividends when we introduced our EURO STOXX 50® Index Dividend Futures back in 2008. They provided the on-exchange possibility to trade the separated dividend stream on a standalone basis.

Since then we have continuously expanded our product portfolio. At first with index-based contracts and since 2010 also with contracts on single stocks. We now offer Dividend Futures on over 80 of the largest Eurozone and pan-European companies.


ProductDiff. to prev. day lastLast priceContractsTime
FEXD +0.08% 126.10 4,451 18:18:44
FSMD +0.30% 301.50 0 18:02:23
S2SD +0.00% 0.22 0 18:02:38
B3BV +0.00% 0.26 0 18:02:40
D2TE +0.00% 0.65 0 18:02:44
F2TE +0.00% 0.68 0 18:02:46
T2NE +0.00% 0.40 0 18:02:38

Jan 19, 2018 6:18:44 PM

Eurex Dividend Derivatives Broker list

In this file you will find an overview of all brokers with detailed product and contact information at a glance.

Single Stock Dividend Futures: Market-Making program prolonged and extended to more products

Designated Market Makers benefit from a 50 percent fee rebate for another year. Furthermore, the product portfolio has been extended by five new country packages: German, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch package.

Get ready for Eurex Clearing Prisma

To fully benefit from cross margining efficiencies, have a look at the Eurex Clearing Prisma release schedule, to plan for an early migration of the remaining Liquidation Groups. Use the right tools for an enhanced margin calculation.

Stuart Heath

London Representative Office | Sales U.K.

11 Westferry Circus, 2nd Floor, Canary Wharf
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T +44-207-8 62-72 53

Simona Simon

Eurex Frankfurt AG

Mergenthalerallee 61
65760 Eschborn

T +49-69-211-1 82 18
F +49-69-211-1 44 77

Lorena Dishnica

London Representative Office
Global Product Research and Development

11 Westferry Circus, 2nd Floor, Canary Wharf
London E14 4HE

T +44-207-8 62-72 42


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