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Gold derivatives

Gold derivatives

Commodities are a widely used asset class for both diversification benefits and low correlation to other markets. Gold in particular tends to be a popular investment as it is considered a safe haven during uncertain economic times.

Xetra-Gold derivatives are based upon a zero-coupon bond denominated in euro and issued by Deutsche Börse Commodities GmbH. Launched in December 2007, Xetra-Gold® is traded on Xetra®, Deutsche Börse AG's pan-European electronic trading platform for the cash market. The contracts are physically settled with the delivery of the underlying Xetra-Gold® ETC. Additionally, in a separate transaction between the holder of the ETC and Deutsche Börse Commodities, the holder has the right to request delivery of physical gold.

London Gold Market
These gold futures and options are denominated in USD and cash-settled. The contracts reflect a value of 100 troy ounces. The price of the worldwide recognized gold fixing in the London Bullion Market, provided by The London Gold Market Fixing Ltd., is taken as the reference price for the cash settlement. With our gold contract, we especially aim to offer access to clients who prefer or require a cash-settled contract. Only a small percentage of forward transactions actually result in physical delivery, therefore our cash-settled contracts can accommodate both physical and financial market participant's requirements.


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