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Trading the benchmarks

We provide an extensive range of products, including some of the world's most heavily traded derivative contracts. Our aim is simple - to make trading, hedging and risk management easier for anyone with exposure to the financial markets.

Our product range comprises nine asset classes

Asset classes

Please note: Not all Eurex products are available for trading directly via terminals located in the U.S. Please click here to get the complete list.


ProductDiff. to prev. day lastLast priceContractsTime
FESX -0.29% 3,451.00 1,027,356 22:03:30
FESQ -0.17% 3,460.00 0 17:56:29
TESX -0.31% 3,703.68 0 18:38:04
FESB +0.00% 109.90 164,379 21:58:31
FDAX -1.01% 12,540.00 107,247 22:03:30
FDXM -1.10% 12,537.00 44,698 22:03:30
FSMI +0.36% 8,943.00 38,534 21:59:43
FGBS -0.02% 112.005 191,149 21:59:57
FGBM -0.14% 132.02 341,454 21:59:50
FGBL -0.42% 162.46 571,614 22:03:30
FBTP -0.76% 128.71 65,683 18:59:58
FOAT -0.54% 154.29 93,143 19:03:21
FEXD +0.00% 125.80 689 19:52:31
FVS +1.40% 14.50 30,651 21:58:17

Jul 20, 2018 10:03:30 PM

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It's the brochure at the heart of our business. All asset classes and products at a glance, from Interest Rate Derivatives to Property Derivatives. Find each and every specification of our wide product range in one publication. Order your personal copy now.


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The trading system is currently experiencing technical issues

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