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TABB Group market note on Selective RFQ, part 3: reality check

Release date: 01 Jun 2018 | Eurex Exchange, Eurex Clearing

TABB Group market note on Selective RFQ, part 3: reality check

TABB Group recently published an interesting market note on voice bridging E-trading like Selective RFQ. In this context, they spoke with and surveyed market participants trading exchange-like and OTC derivatives as well as cash securities.

In part 3, you can find out more about the feedback they gathered on voice-to-electronic trends. In sum, the question is not if but when OTC products migrate to an exchanged based venue. Most derivatives traders believe that the shift will be pronounced in the next two years driven mainly by regulation. Moving to an exchange model does not always mean moving to a CLOB (Central Limit Order Book). Some workflow will be better served with a hybrid model such as Selective RFQ, which bridges traditional voice trading with screen-based execution. Eurex is pioneering this new workflow with their EnLight offering. Read more.


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