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Strong month for European equity derivatives

Release date: 03 Sep 2018 | Eurex Exchange, Eurex Clearing

Strong month for European equity derivatives

56% increase year-on-year with 21.9 million traded contracts in August

In August, Eurex, Europe’s largest derivatives exchange and part of Deutsche Börse Group, has seen strong demand for its products. Traded European interest rate contracts increased by 27 percent to 46.6 million, from 36.7 million in August 2017. Demand was particularly high for European equity derivatives (+56 percent) with 21.9 million traded contracts (14 million in August 2017).

Overall, there was a 16 percent increase in total contracts traded, with 127.9 million traded in August 2018 (110.7 million in August 2017). The only products that saw a slight decrease were European equity index derivatives, down by one percent with 59 million contracts traded (59.9 million in August 2017).

Eurex Repo, the leading provider for international financing in the secured money market business (repo and securities lending), saw an overall year-on-year increase of 14.9 percent in average outstanding volume across all markets. In August 2018 this stood at 94.6 billion euros (82.5 billion euros in August 2017). The Repo Market grew by 29 percent with 57 billion euros of average outstanding volume (44.2 billion euros in August 2017).


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